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    Live Action Stereoscopic 3D Filmmaking

    The Future of Cinema is 3D. Using our high end technology we ensure that filmmakers here in India can shoot with the same ease as 2D filming. We believe that 3D filmmaking should be a creative process and not a battle with technology. It is fantastic that the biggest filmmakers internationally have embraced Stereoscopic 3D and Skywork aims to provide the same quality and service here in India.
  • Shankars 2.0

    Director - S. Shankar (2.0 in 3D)

    2.0 is an upcoming Indian science fiction 3D film directed by S. Shankar. The film features Superstar Rajinikanth reprising the roles of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. The film will be released in three languages: Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. With an estimated budget of Rs.400 crore (4 billion), it is the most expensive Indian film till date.
  • Rudhramadevi

    Director - Gunashekhar Karri (Rudhramadevi in 3D)

    Rudhramadevi is the first Indian 3D historic film. It is made on a budget of US$10 million which marks a highest budget ever spent on a heroine oriented film in India. From Award Winning Costume Designer Neeta Lulla, to Ilaiyaraaja - the finest music composer to National award winning Art Director Totha Tharani & with the best 3D technology.
  • Pizza 3D

    Director - Akshay Akkineni (Pizza in 3D)

    Pizza is a Live Action Stereoscopic 3D horror film produced by UTV Disney India & Bejoy Nambiar.

    "The idea of making his directorial debut with Hindi horror-thriller "Pizza" in 3D was an "added advantage" and that it will "immerse audiences in a never before experienced atmosphere".
  • Om

    OM 3D

    Om was the first Indian Action movie shot in Live Action Stereoscopic 3D. David “Mickey” Taylor and Markus Lanxinger were the expat Stereographers on this project.
  • Om

    Director - Shiv Sagar Chopra (Arasuri Maa Ambe 3D)

    Mr. Amitabh Bacchan has lent his voice for the “first mythological S3D film” shot in India.
    “It is rare in the Bombay film industry to come across such well behaved, professionals like Ashish and Surabhi. They have an adept technical team and would highly recommend their services for anyone going for a 3-d set up in India. My big thumbs up..”
  • Real Image

    Real Image - Kalari Martial Arts (3D Commercial at 120 FPS in 5K)

    This groundbreaking 3D commercial was specifically shot by Real Image Chennai to showcase their new 3D projection servers & projection. We recorded and projected “Kalari Martial Arts” at 120 FPS in 5K. This was a very innovative 3D HFR experience and we have succeeded in achieving the results that Real Image desired.
  • Exodus 3D

    Director - Ridley Scott (Exodus 3D)

    “...with the help I've had from a wonderful cameraman and his technical team, it's been, for me, a pretty straight forward ride. That said, I'll never work without 3D again, even for small dialog scenes. I love the whole process. 3D opens up the universe of even a small dialog scene, so I've been very impressed with that.”
  • Transformers

    Director - Michael Bay (Transformers 4 & 5) in 3D

    In the early days of 3D’s popularity on film, Michael Bay wasn’t a fan because the camera rigs required to shoot in 3D were so large and cumbersome. Technology has come a long way since then, and Bay’s crew has figured out how to shoot in 3D with some of the most advanced cameras and still move at the breakneck speed he demands from them.
  • The Hobbit 3D

    Director - Peter Jackson (The Hobbit 3D)

    “Shooting The Hobbit in 3D is a dream come true. If I had the ability to shoot the Lord of the Rings in 3D, I certainly would have done it. The reality is, it's not that difficult shooting in 3D. I love it when a film draws you in and you become part of the experience, and 3D helps immerse you in the film.”
  • The Great Gatsby

    Director - Bazz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby 3D)

    We're increasing his emotion in 3D," said Luhrmann. That realization inspired his approach to Gatsby's tense confrontation scene at The Plaza hotel. "It's a long scene," says Luhrmann. "I wanted to see the young actors in the prime of their abilities, standing in a room, using Fitzgerald's text and seeing in 3D what it would feel like to have them psychologically tear each other apart.
  • The Great Gatsby

    Director - Bazz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby 3D)

    Citing the same scene, he describes how "Tom is chipping away at Gatsby, and when he finds his Achilles' heel, we have an extreme close-up of Gatsby where you can tell he is about to explode. Fitzgerald described Gatsby as looking like he 'might have killed a man.' In the extreme close-up, you do feel like he is about to murder someone. That was the intention."
  • Stalingrad

    Director - Fedor Bondarchuk (Stalingrad 3D)

    Another thing that Bondarchuk discovered about 3D is that, working with the stereographer, he could bring the audience’s attention to different details or characters within a single frame, without editing. “It's going back to good old editing inside a frame [compared with ‘short cuts’],” he said.
  • The Amazing Spiderman

    DOP - John Schwartzman (The Amazing Spiderman 3D)

    “The TS5 have worked really well for us, they have been quick and reliable by 3D standard after the 2nd week we fell to a routine which allows us to do 25 set ups a day.”
  • Hugo

    Director - Martin Scorsese (Hugo 3D)

    The 3-D craze allows filmmakers to accomplish the original goals of cinema, Scorsese said "The minute it started people wanted three things: color, sound and depth," Scorsese said. "You want to recreate life."
  • Hugo

    Director - Martin Scorsese (Hugo 3D)

    “It's like seeing a moving sculpture of the actor and it's almost like a combination of theater and film combined and it immerses you in the story more,"
  • Dawn of the planet of the apes

    Director - Matt Reeves (Dawn of the planet of the Apes 3D)

    “There just wasn’t enough time to post-convert, what with all the details of the leaves and woods and everything we wanted to create this immersive experience, so we had to shoot native 3D, which was a first for both me and Michael. So we didn’t make it easy for ourselves.”
  • Avatar

    Director - James Cameron (Avatar 3D)

    "Well, because we're not a race of Cyclopes. We have two eyes. We see the world in 3D. It's the way we perceive reality. Why wouldn't our entertainment be in 3D? It's absolutely not a gimmick, it's an alignment. It's absolutely inevitable that eventually, all or at least most of our entertainment will be in 3D.”



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    Live Stereoscopic 3D adds immersion to every frame, that to create real life like images that the audiences can connect to. Emotions, drama, action, fear as they are all heightened due to immersive nature of 3D as well as the surprise/shock value that 3D films offer.