Live Action Stereoscopic 3D and Digital Film Production Services

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  • Skywork 3D Technology

    Skywork 3D System includes live 3D capture, to monitoring, to data stations is housed in quick-setup travel cases. Skywork 3D is a proven, reliable and bondable system having photographed major studio releases as well as commercials.

  • Camera & Lenses

    Skywork Studios is a full service camera rental house serving the needs of filmmakers and other creative professionals since 2011. Home to over various complete RED DRAGON, EPIC, Arri Alexa packages, Skywork has a package to meet virtually any need/budget.

  • Why 3D?

    » It′s the way we see
    » Immersive experience
    » Creative Impact
    » Adds another dimension
    » Enhances storytelling / experience

  • Gallery

    Live Stereoscopic 3D adds immersion to every frame, that to create real life like images that the audiences can connect to. Emotions, drama, action, fear as they are all heightened due to immersive nature of 3D as well as the surprise/shock value that 3D films offer.