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Pre – Production

3D process

Ideally a Stereographer should be part of the film from the initial draft of the script.

This is where the Stereographer would discuss the immersive nature of 3D with the writer, shots breakup with the Director, DP and Art Director regarding the design elements of the shots to enhance the experience in 3D. A depth script will be created along with the graph of the film, so the dramatic moments will be enhanced by depth and depth will support the narrative to really bring out the emotions.

We also suggest doing some prep with different gear. It’s best to discuss the challenging shots that are being planned. We also suggest doing some tests with Art Director/Production Designers, etc. can all be planned and worked out at this stage, so there are no surprises or time loss later during the shoot.

A good pre – production will ensure that all shots are designed well for a better Stereoscopic experience throughout the film to enhance the film’s narrative or emotions.

3D pre production


3D production

During the pre-production we create a plan to ensure that during production time our system works at the same speeds as 2D camera system. Our Production kit includes a TS5 3D Rig by 3ality, Red.

3D production

Post – Production

3D post production

Our Stereographers along with our Stereo Post Supervisors will help the production in achieving the quality at every aspect of post-production. We will ensure that from VFX to DI are all done to the optimum level of quality for the best Stereoscopic 3D viewing.