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It’s a common myth that only bigger budget movies can afford making a 3D movie. Skywork has a portfolio, which includes shooting Stereoscopic 3D documentaries / Short films worth Rs. 1 Cr to shooting 3D movies with budgets of even Rs. 400 Crs.

In fact natively acquired 3D at Skywork promises a much better 3D quality & experience at a lower price, in comparison to 3D conversions.


Along with the fully automated TS5 3D Rig and an experienced 3D Crew, we have mastered know how of shooting s3D with almost the same speed as 2D, without a compromise in quality.

As long as the Filmmaking team is well planned we can ensure shooting in 3D with the same speed as a 2D film.

Theaters & Revenue

The biggest myth is that there are not that many screens in 3D to showcase and reap the benefits of a movie made in 3D.

However as per AIIS study the biggest revenue making movies world over are always in 3D. Example: Avatar, Transformer, Gravity, Hugo, etc. 3D seats give extra revenue to a film. Also due to most of the big budget international movies being released in 3D in India and now with Shankar’s 2.0 also to be released in 3D, there are now an approximately 2000 3D screens in India alone.

3D gives headaches

3D gives headaches 3D gives headaches

Now the 3D technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to ensure that there is no strain or lingering headache that the audience used to experience in the past. Our experienced team uses various tools like (See pictures above) Stereo Image Processor for Alignment (SIP) & Skywork’s Stereo Stick (patented by Skywork) for Depth Budgeting to ensure that audience gets to watch visually stunning Stereoscopic Image. We further Depth Balance to creatively enhance the storytelling of the film.


Any film can be designed to shoot in 3D. It’s the way a film maker plans to use depth is what enhances the audience’s experience just like color and sound have done so in the past. 3D is another dimension that is genre independent and allows the audience to connect to the film more intensely with a “being there” experience.