Live Action Stereoscopic 3D and Digital Film Production Services



  • Rudhramadevi 3D – “It’s a wrap” on September 2014

  • TS5 on a fully extended Scorpio crane

  • Our expat Stereographer Markus with DOP Ajayan

  • Stereographers Ashish & Surabhi

  • Fight Master Peter Hein with our 3D rig

  • Mobile 3D Village with convergence cart

  • Surabhi pulling 3D

  • Ashish in discussion with the VFX Team

  • DOP Vincent with Focus puller Babu

  • Director Gunasekhar in 3D village

  • TS5 3D rig with Red Epics and Ultraprimes mounted on a scorpiohead

  • Rudhramadevi Team with the 3D camera on the wrap day

  • Prepping the 3D rig for tracking vehicle

  • Routine cleaning of the beam splitter mirror

  • Surabhi discussing with the 3D Crew

  • Alignment time

  • Some good laughs on set

  • TS5 on a Scorpio crane on a warm sunny day

  • At Thousand Pillar Warangal Temple