Live Action Stereoscopic 3D and Digital Film Production Services



  • Pizza DVDs out now

  • Actor Arunoday Singh striking with an axe

  • Actor Akshay Oberoi with the TS5

  • Guiness book world record Steadicam Operator Nitin Rao with the TS5

  • Ashish in discussion with the rest of Pizza team

  • Actor Arunoday Singh with the TS5 rig

  • Actress Parvathy Omanakuttan with the TS5 rig

  • Ashish interacting with the 3D engineering team

  • TS5 on a Panther U - bangi

  • Actor Arunoday Singh with TS5 rig

  • Actress Deepanita Sharma with the TS5 rig

  • TS5 mounted on a wheel chair rig

  • Actor Akshay Oberoi with Director Akshay Akkinneni doing their first 3D film

  • DOP JK with Actress Parvathy and the TS5 rig

  • TS5 mounted on a skateboard

  • Child Actor Diya Chalwad performing for the TS5

  • Separate 3D Monitoring units for Director, Video Assist and Stereographers

  • Steadicam operator Nitin Rao, shooting in Madh Village

  • EP Priyesh arranges our wedding anniversary celebrations with the film unit

  • Figuring out the shot – Puzzled??

  • Watching the action on the 9” LCD Monito

  • JK Operates for a patchwork shot

  • The wheelchair scene continues

  • Surabhi’s getting ready for Cameo of “The Hand”

  • JK trying out the handheld move with the TS5

  • TS5 rig with Red Epics and ultra prime lenses

  • ... And action

  • Actor Akshay Oberoi with Akshay Akinnenni

  • Ashish rig teching as Priyesh monitors

  • A little mischief on set – celebrating

  • Parvathy’s beauty shot with Actor Hussain Dalal

  • Pizza Get Together Party – the group selfie

  • Post the Paint Bucket shot Actors with UTV Production Supervisor - Rohit Ved Prakash